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Lion’s Roar Kuen Ging Theories on Fist Fighting By Ng Siu Jong

Prologue (Self-Exposition) Confucius taught people with the six arts (rituals, music, archery, chariot-riding, the classics, and mathematics), emphasizing both literary matters and military preparation.  The way of fist-fighting technique is the handed-down techniques of archery and chariot-riding and the like.  In my free time I investigate their meanings.  The shallow, easy ones are not out…
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三水吴肇钟唯龛著 – 白鹤派狮子吼拳经

三水吴肇钟唯龛著  白鹤派狮子吼拳经 第一章   导言 天下之道,生于无著,无著混然,故无边隅,荡荡然若虚,惟虚为实始,实以心生,心生道立,道立体成,故心不可弃,弃心道毁,虽有体,尸耳,心无著,施无住,天下之道有不尽,故曰,语细天下莫能破,语放天下莫能穷,悠悠两端,可以方物,是谓中权。 (more…)
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